A thruple from New York City, USA opens up in public about their no ordinary love story

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Thruple is a three-way relationship between people, at least one of which is a different sex than the other two. Thruple’s relationships do not consist exceptionally of having sex, it entails deep love and strong friendship that can be found in a true family.

Matt, Chris and Cait is a thruple and they live in NYC, USA. Matt, 28, and Chris, 38, met each other in far 2008 and have been together since that time. After years of living together, two men decided to explore open relationships in 2015 and that was the time, when Chris met Cait on a dating app. Actually, Chris has always been bisexual, as well as Cait. Maybe, that was the reason, why they hooked up smoothly. The two immediately hit if off, leading Chris to ask Matt if Cait could join their relationship. At first time, Matt was completely against of a thruple, but eventually agreed to give it a try. Consequently, Cait became a frequent guest in a gay couple’s house, as well as in their bed. After several months of such a dating, Cait just moved in to Matt and Chris’ apartment. These three live happily together since that time.

Commenting the no ordinary situation, Matt admitted that these relationships changed his attitude towards sexuality and gave him new emotional palette of sexual and romantic experience with a woman. Matt and Chris tied the knot in St Lucia in late 2015 and Cait officiated the wedding ceremony. Now, a happy thruple is bearing an idea to become parents not in far future. The most ingenious thing about thruple’s parenting is that two men have a beloved woman, who will carry and give birth to their common child.

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