Becoming gay dads in early 20s quickly transformed Adam and Johnny into grown-up men


These two young men have become fathers in their very young age spontaneously and quiet unexpectedly. Then 4-year-old Dardo turned up out of the blue and the future dads couldn’t resist his kind eyes and beautiful smile.

The whole story began in 2012, when two 21-year-old men saw each other for the first time, introduced by a mutual friend. At that moment, they were both seeing other people, but the new friendship has quickly grown into strong passion and the desire to stay together forever. Both Adam and Johnny broke up with their then boyfriends and became a loving couple. Time passed by and two men enjoyed their carefree life until 2014, when they confronted the most challenging decision of their lives – parenting.

Adam and Johnny were approached by a friend of the family and asked whether they could take care of a 4-year-old boy Dardo, who ended up in Child Protective Services by some terrible concatenation of circumstances. Actually, two young gay men didn’t even think about fatherhood in the nearest future, as their relationships were only at the stage of development. However, Adam and Johnny desperately wanted to provide a loving and stable home for this little boy, who happened to be in difficult circumstances, so they agreed. Two young dads warmly decorated a bedroom for Dardo so he would feel welcomed, took him from Child Protective Services and brought to his new home. Adaptation period went smoothly and without any problems. Little boy was excited to be at home with his new dads. In their turn, Adam and Johnny have enrolled in foster care classes to receive their foster license and get some life experience in parenting.

Now, they are a real family – Adam and Johnny have got officially married and became Dardo’s legal guardians. As Johnny recollect the period of Dardo’s transition into his and his husband’s lives, he admits that it was pretty tough, with some wonderful highs and some searing lows. “My son has taught me a lot, especially about his past. But he is still very joyful and has an energy about him that makes everyone love him. He truly surprises me how strong he is for being so young”, said Johnny. The first-time dads believe that Dardo has made them a real family, and brought two men closer together. “I feel that we are such a good team together and have really done a great job,” said Adam. “Our son is the reason we try to be as successful as possible, to be a good example.”

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