Gay Muslim man from Fiji challenges common stereotypes and raises little son as a single dad


The story of Max, a gay Muslim guy from Fiji, is very interesting and enlightening. The man was born on Fiji and from an early age he understood that he differs from other boys. Fiji is a deeply-religious country, where LGBT people feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed. In spite of a fact that Fiji has adopted changes to Constitution prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in 2013, society remained hostile to the representatives of LGBT community due to the country’s deep infusion of religion.

Max decided to join the British Army at the age of 19, after he went through the years of bulling and mistreating in his childhood. It was another chapter full of heavy physical assaults in the life of a gay Muslim man, which landed him in the care of the psychiatric ward. But the hardest thing was to deal with religious issues and learn to accept that every person has to find his or her own way to God and that there is more than one way to be Muslim. Max managed to fully accept his true nature after he has met an openly gay Imam. There were no role models for a gay Muslim man in Fiji to look up to, so Max tried to find his own way to God and even tried to commit suicide twice along this thorny path.

Max was married to a woman for nine years and now he raises a son as a single dad. Gay man admitted: “As a single dad to adorable little son learning to become and celebrate the person you want to be is about more than just me; it’s a legacy I want to leave for him and the next generation.” Max feels the power in himself to inspire other people by his own example and help them to cope with the difficulties of personal identity and self-expression. Gay Fijian believes that all people in modern society are free to be themselves and be proud of their uniqueness instead of being so driven by intersectionality. Compared to many of the European countries and more recently Australia, Fiji has a long way to go.

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