Surrogate match

When you have decided on the program and signed all needed documents the process of surrogate matching begins. A potential surrogate mother must be in good overall health and be able to carry a child with the minimum risk to her own health. The prospective surrogate mother should be 18-39 years old. She must be mentally and somatically healthy and have at least one healthy child of her own. Surrogate mother may have no relation to Gay Intended Parents. There are certain criteria for all candidates who are willing to become surrogate mothers. Surrogate mothers should be under 39 years old, have at least one healthy child, have no infectious, chronic or genetic diseases and be physically and mentally healthy. Prior to participating in the program all candidates are thoroughly tested and they undergo certain screening tests, including genetic tests in order to avoid the risks of passing on diseases or deformities to any resultant child.

So, all candidates should be:

  1. Between the ages of 18 and 39
  2. Physically healthy
  3. Psychologically healthy
  4. Have at least one healthy child
  5. No bad habits
  6. No current use of drugs
  7. No history of substance abuse
  8. No family history of inheritable genetic disorders
  9. Dependable, mature and reliable

As with egg donors all surrogates undergo screening, such as:

  1. Medical Screening: this involves testing for blood type, infectious diseases, drug use and general health.
  2. Psychological Screening: we ask all candidates to speak with a psychologist to make sure she fully understands the benefits and risks of surrogacy, and has proper motivations for becoming a surrogate mother.